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                              REAL Expert:  770-843-0582

Insurance Expert, Appraiser, and Public Adjuster handling ALL types of Property claims most anywhere including Fire, Smoke, Water, Mold, Wind, Hail, Storm damages, Theft, Vandalism, Vehicle damage to structures, personal property, Property Liability, etc.

Certified Federal and State Court Registered Expert —

No recovery, then NO fee!

Our work pays for itself.

Professional Services

We evaluate insured property claims regarding Coverages under the Insurance Policy Contract —even for denied claims — prepare all aspects of a covered claim to present to the insurance company, then proceed to negotiate the best possible settlement.

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Residential & Commercial

We handle claims involving Homes and Businesses, in addition to Landlord and Tenant insured losses.

GET WHAT YOU'RE ENTITLED TO!   We have a team of specialists who get successful results.

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We can assist with Property Legal Liability claims regarding Personal Injury to property of others; and premises negligence.  We offer consulting expertise in claimant matters.

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Our Products and Services — We offer a second opinion to our clients —

free consultation, no-cost inspection, no-cost estimated assessment.


Public Adjuster (PA).  Our team processes claims for property owners.  Our fees are very negotiable, while claims covered by insurance policies generally pay our fees.  We do offer certain discounts.


Our most common practices:  (ADR) Disputes and Disagreements.  We offer services as Appraiser and Umpire as provided for in insurance polices in order to settle differences over those values claimed versus those values paid.  We also can serve in Mediation and Arbitration.


Expert/Consultant.  With some claims, a Consultant and/or Expert is the best option, especially for Court.  Our service includes determining full and complete values of covered claims.  TRUE Experts are Court authorized.  We are a real  Expert service.


We offer estimating services and the Expert support in order to validate the actual work that is needed.